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    We’re hiring! Blow Up Cinema is on the look-out for expanding our crew for the summer 2017/2018. We place great emphasis on friendly, experienced people to help us run our movie nights, so if you’ve had audio/visual experience and like the idea of bringing unforgettable movie nights to local parks, please get in touch. gus(at)blowupcinema.com

    Helping the folks at the inaugural Yarra Valley Film Festival put on a brilliant night of films…and hot air balloons!



    Our number 1 helper, leader of the Candy Bar Crew, Jake taking it easy before a busy night at Stringybark Cinema.


    Although we’ve been putting on film events all winter including our new home in Byron Bay – our Melbourne summer season has officially started!

    Here we go showing the beautiful animation My Neighbour Tortoro at Wales St Primary Thornbury.




    We loved putting a screening on our film The Punk Singer in the beautiful Melba Speigltent in Collingwood. This is our 4.5m indoor screen with our very bright projector coming from the mixing desk.We will let you know when we get back in there!



    We provided a cinema to the NIKE Skateboard (#NikeSB344) event in the Beatbox Kitchen warehouse last week. Indoor screen lookin’ good!




    Blow Up Cinema is off and running at the beautiful Beach Hotel in Byron Bay. We have a residency in one of the most picturesque beer gardens in Australia. We opened to a packed house for the classic surf doc, Riding Giants and we’ve got to say, it looked terrific on our huge screen. Thanks to Dominica Costello for the shots.



    Thanks to our good friend and top snapper, Will Salter for these pics from our last night of the season Stringybark Cinema. Thanks for your support – see you next summer!
    hero_web WSP_9918 WSP_9958 WSP_9972 WSP_9934

    With one more screening to go, it’s been a fantastic season at Stringybark Cinema in Balnarring. Thanks for your support if you made it done. We’ve been running the bar stocking local beer and wine and had a great roster of food trucks and live music before the film starts – what’s not to like?


    My brother-in-law looking pretty relaxed at the Stringybark Cinema bar.
    bar copy

    The cinema we’re running at QV – QVCinema continues to go really well with most screenings selling out and (touch wood we’re yet to cancel a screening due to bad weather – although this week’s thunderstorms have me checking Weatherzone hourly! Here are some recent pics courtesy of ImagePlay and QV Melbourne.

    IP074.20151201-99991497 copy

    IP066.20151201-99991481 copy


    We launched Stringybark Cinema last Saturday and it sold out! We are working with the very creative team who put on the amazing market on the old Balnarring race Track – Emu Plains Market. So we have their flair for bringing in the best in local food trucks, bar favourites and local musicans – leaving the film stuff to us. We are running this outdoor cinema every weekend until mid Feb. It’s only an hour from Melbourne and worth the trip.

    SBC copy 2


    The Friends of Mayer Park in Thornbury hired Blow Up Cinema’s largest outdoor cinema screen for their free, community film event. We screened the very funny & appropriate film, ELF on a beautifully warm night in the lead up to Christmas.


    The outdoor cinema guide – by top film writer, Jake Wilson. Link here

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    An early xmas for Blow Up- a very, very bright projector – perfect for our 6m screen!



    We did a test screening on Friday night where we’ll be running our own summer season of films – it’s called Stringybark Cinema and it’s on the beautiful home of the old Balnarring races. We’re running every weekend for six weeks from Jan 8th – with the program to be announced soon. It’s going to be really, really nice.



    We’re just about to complete our second week at QV and so far every screening has sold out and we haven’t had to cancel one due to bad weather. Fingers crossed this continues! We did a special screening of the classic rockumentary, BEST IN SHOW last night – with all proceeds going to the Lost Dogs Home. We got some great press in the lead up and here are a couple of dogs up for adoption on their best behaviour.




    This Friday night sees the second instalment of the free, community initiated Christmas screening of the classic, ELF. Organised by the Friends of Mayer Park, it will happen in, funnily enough, Mayer Park, Thornbury. Food trucks, a twilight market and our fantastic cinema gear make this a lovely event.



    99 Homes


    Wow – what a powerful film. What can happen when greed becomes overpowering – and how even the most honest man can lose his moral compass. Great viewing.


    QV Test Run


    We are showing over 50 films in this great space at QV in the CBD. Plenty of chin stroking – but the test went well and it’s all systems go!


    Wentworth Cast ‘n’ Crew

    Brought in the heavy movers of our projectors and brand new JBL PA for this cast and crew screening of a new Wentworth ep. Great series this one.




    I was sure I couldn’t do this right – and I did make a few mistakes – but, overall the stickers are on the van.




    Meet Stan – Blow Up Cinema’s new (but old) van. Essential for the summer we’ve got in front of us.


    Mayer Park Test-Run


    It’s a big oval and it’s a big (6m) screen. All looking good for a summer here in the middle of Thornbury.


    Mayer Park Film Series


    All clear from the council – we’ve got 6 films here at Mayer Park in the heart of Thornbury.

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